Xtreme Economy Diesel - Save Fuel

Xtreme Economy Diesel - Save Fuel


Diesel additive - Xtreme Economy Diesel

Additive to diesel fuel, which is suitable for better fuel economy of heavy truck engines.
Ensures a long-term effect thanks to the storage of friction modifiers.


  • Special additive to obtain maximum fuel economy Reduces instantaneous friction loss in the cylinder-piston group during engine operation
  • Provides durable effect due to accumulation of friction modifiers
  • Additional fuel economy is achieved due to the effect of the detergent additives for cleaning nozzles
  • Improves lubricating properties of diesel fuel and provides fuel equipment protection by application of low-sulphur fuel
  • Cleans the EGR valve
  • How To Use

    Introduce the additive into the fuel tank before fueling.

    To achieve the maximum effect, use with every fueling. Used for diesel engines of all types. Safe for diesel particulate filters and catalysts of the SCR system.

  • Dosage

    Dosage: 500 ml of additive for 1,000 L of fuel