EX120 - Wear Protection For Fuel Injection Systems

EX120 - Wear Protection For Fuel Injection Systems


REVITALIZANT® EX120 Fuel Injection Systems

Designed for restoration, repair and antiwear protection of all types of fuel equipment of gasoline and diesel engines. During the treatment of fuel pumps it forms a protective ceramic-metal coating on surfaces of metal friction parts. As a result the geometry of parts is restored.


  • Restores geometry and protects friction parts of all types of fuel pumps, injectors and pump-injector units from wear
  • Reliably protects from low-quality fuel
  • Decreases fuel consumption
  • Reduces noise and vibrations
  • Decreases the amount of toxic components in exhausts
  • How To Use


    1. Introduce the necessary amount of the product into the fuel tank containing minimum amount of fuel
    2. Fill the tank with 40 L of fuel
    3. Drive your car in regular mode

    The treatment is considered to be completed after about 100 hours of mechanism operation or 3,000 km of run.

  • Additional Info

    The prosuct is universal to all types of fuel systems including K-KE-L-Jetronic®, Common Rail, Pumpe-Düse and others. 


    Engine capacity:
    0-5L – 1 syringe
    5-10L – 2 syringes
    15-20L – 3 syringes