EX120 Wear Protection For Diesel Engines

EX120 Wear Protection For Diesel Engines


We recommend 1 syringe for the enhanced effect of recovery when using our AMC products!

Designed for restoration, repair and antiwear protection of diesel engines including high-powered and turbocharged ones.

REVITALIZANT® compositions possess increased efficiency rate and 120% concentration of the active agent as compared with classic REVITALIZANT® compositions in tubes. Due to the improved formula and amplified action they have enhanced their protective and restoring properties.


  • Restores and protects friction parts of the cylinderpiston group and cranking from wear
  • Considerably reduces fuel consumption (down to 30% when idling)
  • Increases oil pressure in the oil system up to the nominal values
  • Equalizes and increases compression in cylinders
  • Increases power of the engine, improves its acceleration capability
  • Reduces noise and vibrations by 10 times
  • Extends the service life span of units by 2–3 times
  • Protects the engine from negative consequences of cold start
  • Improves engine operation already after 50 –100 km of run
  • Maintains engine operation within 300 km in case of catastrophic oil loss
  • How To Use

    The treatment of the engine is carried out in 3 stages:

    1. Introduce the necessary amount of the composition into the oil filler neck of the engine warmed up to the operating temperature. Start the engine and let it idle for 5–10 minutes
    2. Repeat the procedure after 100 - 250 km of run
    3. Repeat the procedure after 100 - 250 km of run.

    The treatment is considered to be completed after 1'500 km of run

  • Additional Info


    Oil System volume:
    3-10L – 3 syringes (1+1+1)
    11-20L – 6 syringes (2+2+2)
    21-30L – 9 syringes (3+3+3)

    It is not recommended to change oil until the treatment is completed.

    New engines with less than 20'000 km of run should be treated in one stage.

    It is recommended to treat overhauled engines in 3 stages according to the normal procedure.

    The protective ceramic-metal coating is formed on any operating mechanism, however, if the mechanism (engine) is in critical state (100% wear), it is necessary to replace destroyed parts.