EX120 Manual Transmission Wear Protection

EX120 Manual Transmission Wear Protection


REVITALIZANT® EX120 for gearboxes, transfer cases and differential

Designed for restoration, repair and antiwear protection of manual transmission assemblies. During the treatment of manual transmission assemblies the product forms a ceramic-metal coating on surfaces of gears, shafts, bearings, synchronizers and other metal parts. As a result the geometry of parts is restored. REVITALIZANT® is universally applied to manual, robotized, sequential gearboxes, including Direct Shift gearboxes, transfer cases and axles (differentials).


  • Eliminates cavities and scratches on operating surfaces
  • Optimizes contact patterns in gear engagements
  • Provides considerable fuel savings (especially for all-wheel drive vehicles)
  • Reduces noise and vibrations of assemblies by 10 times
  • Increases gear shifting accuracy
  • Improves operation accuracy of synchronizers
  • Maintains durable and safe operation of transmission units (up to 1,000 km (600 miles) of run) in case of catastrophic oil loss
  • How To Use


    1. Introduce the necessary amount of the product into the oil filler neck (opening of the dipstick) of your gearbox, transfer case or axle gearbox warmed up to the operating temperature
    2. Operate your car in regular mode

    The treatment is considered to be completed after 50 hours of mechanism operation or 1,500 km of run.

  • Additional Info

    A typical sign of beginning of the REVITALIZATION® process is noise reduction during operation of the mechanism starting from the first kilometers/ miles of run after the treatment. If the mechanism suddenly stops improving its operation, it may indicate its considerable wear rate – the recommended dosage should be doubled. If no operation improvements can be observed after 100–200 km (60–125 miles) of run, the most probable reason for that is false diagnostics.

    REVITALIZANT® is compatible with all types of oils for manual transmissions. It neither enters into chemical reactions with them nor changes their viscosity and other physicochemical properties.