AtomEx Stop Leak Engine

AtomEx Stop Leak Engine


Atomex Stop Leak Engine

Stop-leak engine. Oil additive. Contains special components that restore elasticity of sealing materials resulting in oil leakage elimination.


  • Restores elasticity of rubber gaskets and seals
  • Stops oil leakages from the engine and prevents their emerging in the future
  • Improves a "seal-metal" contanct
  • Eliminates the need for expensive repair
  • Compatible with motor oils of all types
  • How To Use

    Introduce the product into warm motor oil.
    The sealing effect occurs after 300–500 km of run. 

  • Additional Info

    Is compatible with all types of motor oils.


    Mixture of softening additives and polymers in mineral hydrocarbon base oil.


    1 bottle (250 ml) of the product is enough for small engines - do not use more than 10% of the oil volume.