AtomEx Multi Cleaner Diesel - Fuel System & Injector Cleaner

AtomEx Multi Cleaner Diesel - Fuel System & Injector Cleaner


Multi Cleaner Diesel - fuel system cleaner

Effective fuel system cleaner. Contains REVITALIZANT®.

Atomex® Multi Cleaner is a product for complex treatment of the engine fuel system. Exceptionally effective for cleaning and antiwear protection of the engine. Combination of innovative properties of the cleaner and protection quality provided by REVITALIZANT® makes the product properties unique and allows long and extremely reliable operation of the engine.



  • Safely and quickly removes all types of deposits and contaminations
  • Cleans the fuel system up to the level of technical purity
  • It is a complete alternative to fuel injector bench cleaning
  • Due to the presence of REVITALIZANT®, increases the operation reliability and the service life span of system elements
  • How To Use


    1. Add the product to the fuel tank before refueling.
    2. Refuel 40-60 liters.
    3. Drive as usual. The cleaning of the injectors takes place unnobserved for you while driving.
  • Additional Info

    The solution is compatible with diesel fuel from all brands, harmless for diesel particle filters, catalysts and valves.​

    It is recommended to use the cleaner after every 5,000 km of driving.

    Dosage: 1 bottle (250 ml) for 40–60 L of fuel.