AtomEx F8 Complex Formula Diesel

AtomEx F8 Complex Formula Diesel


Diesel Additiv - F8 Complex Formula Diesel

Complex of additives for protection of the fuel system against low-quality fuel. Contains REVITALIZANT®.

Atomex® F8 Complex Formula is an uncompromising solution for absolute protection of the engine fuel system. The unique formula of the compound efficiently eliminates all negative factors of using low-quality fuel. It ensures optimal conditions for operation of the engine and its fuel system even in case of fueling with low-quality fuel (eventual fueling with counterfeit fuel).


  • Brings characteristics of low-quality fuel up to the level of leading brands
  • Provides operation of the engine like on racing gasoline if standard fuel is used
  • Eliminates all negative factors of using low-quality fuel
  • Due to the presence of the REVITALIZANT® nanocomponent, increases operation reliability and extends the service life span of system elements
  • How To Use

    Introduce the compound into the fuel tank before fueling.
    The application is possible with every refueling.

  • Additional Info

    The solution is compatible with diesel fuel from all brands, harmless for diesel particle filters, catalysts and valves.

    Dosage: 1 bottle (250 ml) for 40–60 L of fuel