AtomEx Diesel Particle Filter Cleaner
  • AtomEx Diesel Particle Filter Cleaner


    Diesel Particle Filter Cleaner

    Diesel fuel additive. Highly effective means for diesel particle filter cleaning without disassembly (during vehicle operation).
    Contains combustion catalysts that ensure easy burning and removal of soot particles from the filter, thereby cleaning and restoring the filter.

    • How To Use


      1. Add the product to the fuel tank before refueling.
      2. Refuel 40-60 liters.
      3. Drive the vehicle with a number of revolutions between 2,500-3,000 rpm for at least 50 km.
    • Additional Info

      The additive is compatible with all diesel fuel types.

      Prophylactic recommends the use the additive every 3,000-5,000 km.

      Dosage: (250 ml) of the additive for 40-60 L diesel fuel.