AtomEx Cetane Booster Diesel

AtomEx Cetane Booster Diesel


AtomEx Cetane Booster Diesel

Atomex® Energy Drive is a high-efficient product which provides a complex solution for achieving maximal engine power through increasing energy-conversion efficiency of fuel and creating optimal conditions for its combustion. Special combustion modifiers optimize operation of modern high-technology diesel engines which require highquality fuel application.


  • Increases energy-conversion efficiency and effectiveness of fuel combustion
  • Increases octane/cetane number
  • Improves dynamic processes of fuel ignition and combustion
  • Enhances the engine thrust and reduces spin-up time in case of sudden acceleration
  • How To Use

    Introduce the compound into the fuel tank before fueling.

  • Additional Info

    The solution is compatible with diesel fuel from all brands, harmless for the diesel particle filters, catalysts, valves and elements of turbocharging.

    Dosage: 1 bottle (250 ml) for 40–60 L of fuel