Revitalizant: everything you need to know


Revitalization (latin vita - life) = "bringing back to life".

How did it all come together?

When a mechanism operates on friction pairs, loads arise. When those loads are severe, excess thermal energy is released, aimed at the destruction. This physicochemical process occurs in the friction zone and causes the deterioration of the parts.

When introducing a unique building material - a revitalizant - into the friction zone, the excess energy is taken on by the said material and is used to create a new coating. Thus creating conditions (in an overloaded zone) where it is energetically more profitable to build a new coat rather than to destroy the old one. The energy of destruction is transformed into the energy of creation!

Unique formula

Since 1998 we have been manufacturing products containing compound called Revitalizant. This is a unique patented product which has no analogues in the world.


Revitalizant is an additive to lubricants and operating fluids that modifies the rubbing metal surfaces of mechanisms by forming a ceramic-metal coating on them. XADO Chemical Group produces a line of products designed to repair (tool-free) and extend the life span of various mechanisms and appliances.


Here is what happens when the Revitalizant is applied to a bearing surface. One can clearly see that the defect is covered by a layer of cermet coating, resulting in an ideal friction surface.


The ball bearing's surface with a defect which was made specifically for this experiment

15 minutes of the revitalization process: it is already evident that the defect is being rebuilt

1 hour of the revitalization process: only a light outline of the former scratch can be seen

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